Breakdown Fats, Oils and Grease

FOG: Fats, Oils and Grease

Restaurants and Kitchens that deal with fats, oils and grease (FOG) are constantly having to contend with smelling grease traps, frequent pump outs and clogged pipes. In more and more jurisdictions, municipalities are placing user surcharges and or restrictions on business that release excess FOG and high strength organic waste into the sewer.

BIOLOGIC® GTT is a product with a unique formulation that naturally and rapidly breaks down FOG and slime, allowing systems to operate at full capacity, while eliminating the odours that drive customers and employees away.

Each year millions of tons of of fats, oils and grease (FOG) flow down the drains of commercial businesses. In fact, it doesn’t always flow. FOG can clog pipes and treatment screens, causing backups, overflows and odor problems. FOG that makes it through to the ocean can deplete oxygen, damaging fish and other organisms that inhabit the environment. Not to mention that it takes additional energy for treatment plants to break down excess FOG entering the system.

Quickly and naturally breakdown fats, oils and grease with BIOLOGIC® GTT

BIOLOGIC® GTT is a natural micronutrient supplement containing a proprietary blend of natural biodegradable vitamins and trace mineral specifically engineered to stimulate desirable, naturally occurring bacteria present in grease traps to break down fats, oils and greases and inhibit odor producing bacteria.

Easy Treatment

Using BIOLOGIC® GTT  in your grease trap will break down fats, oils and greases, reduce odor, reduce pump-out frequency and improve effluent quality by reducing BOD, TSS and FOG concentrations in effluent discharge to the sewer.

Under typical grease trap conditions, these micronutrients are frequently the limiting factor for the growth and development of desirable bacteria.  With the addition of BIOLOGIC® GTT biological pathways are no longer inhibited due to the lack of essential micronutrients and as a result, biological activity and metabolism is substantially increased while at the same time odor producing bacteria are inhibited.