Clean Septic Systems

Clean Septic Systems

Once a problem becomes obvious, it’s too late for any simple solution, and fixing big septic system problems often requires thousands of dollars worth of parts and labor. Fortunately, a little maintenance can go a long way in avoiding problems.

BIOLOGIC® technology works aggressively to boost the activity in your septic systems to ensure that waste is broken down faster and more effectively.  As a result, septic systems using MrGreen® products work better, last longer and require fewer flushes.  Additionally, because the septic systems are more productive, odors are non-existent.

Reduce The Sludge and Improve Water Flow in your Septic Systems with BIOLOGIC® SR2

The more use a system gets, the greater the accumulation of sludge.  When commercial septic systems are over utilized, there is a great danger that the existing septic system could quickly clog and render the process unproductive.  BIOLOGIC® SR2 allows you to increase the productivity of your septic system without having to pay for costly upgrades


How Septic Systems Fail

Simply put, septic systems fail because they cannot breathe or they cannot keep up to the demand

Your septic tank is full of anaerobic bacteria and facultative bacteria that slowly consume the sewage that then gets carried out into the absorption bed.  It’s in the absorption beds that the remaining sewage collects and waits for the aerobic bacteria to complete the digestive process.  If the anaerobic bacteria cannot keep up with the demand or chemicals have been introduced to deplete the anaerobic bacteria, sewage does not get consumed and quickly collects and clogs the system.

How BIOLOGIC® SR2 Works For Septic Systems

BIOLOGIC® stimulates the facultative and anaerobic bacterial populations in the septic tank supporting growth of both types of bacteria and causing them to more aggressively consume the sewage before it gets to the absorption beds.  A simple monthly addition of 100 ml of BIOLOGIC® can be enough to get your septic system healthy and productively.