Improve Wastewater Treatment Performance

Dramatically Improve Wastewater Treatment Performance


Improving Wastewater Treatment Performance

Balancing and boosting the beneficial microorganisms that drive the effectiveness of wastewater treatment plants are critical in optimizing a plant’s performance. To improve wastewater treatment performance, operators are turning to us.

With our proven and tested BIOLOGIC® solutions and environmental expertise, we can help your facility reach it’s optimal performance.

Ensuring the healthy growth of microorganisms leads to the efficient operation of secondary treatment systems, which are designed to remove organic contaminants.

Low Cost and Easy Implementation:

BIOLOGIC® technology can be easily applied to any biological wastewater treatment system. It readily integrates into existing treatment systems and infrastructure. The only thing that is required is the installation of a  low flow pump and injection line into the front end of a treatment plant such that complete mixing is achieved in the influent wastewater. The product is typically applied at concentrations ranging from 2 – 50 ppm, depending on organic load. Addition of the product at the front end will turn front end equalization tanks and primary clarifiers into anoxic treatment tanks where significant hydrolysis occurs. The technology results in significant cost savings for well performing wastewater treatment plants and even more benefits for overloaded treatment plants that are facing operational challenges.