Lagoon Odors

Lagoon Odors and Sludge

Lagoon odor control and sludge create the biggest challenges for their owners. We have developed a unique blend of micronutrients and minerals that amplify the natural digestion activity so that odors magically disappear and solve sludge reduction issues . Lagoon odor control all starts with evaluating the issues and seeing which odor control chemicals / H2S odor control chemicals are required to correct the lagoon odor control issue.

Why pay thousands and thousands of dollars to handle your lagoon odor control in your pond or lagoon when you can naturally give it a boost and let it take care of itself?

Just look at how BIOLOGIC® SR2 magically transformed this almost dead lagoon into a thriving and productive one for Erin Farms.


Erin Farms lagoon before Biologic SR2 and after Biologic SR2 5 weeks later

The unique blend of micronutrients and minerals gave the lagoon the boost they needed to naturally take care of themselves.  So effective is the treatment that dredging is not required, odors are gone and the lagoon is better than ever.

Anaerobic, Facultative and Aerated Wastewater Lagoons


The use of Wastewater Lagoons is one of the oldest and simplest ways to treat wastewater, yet a wastewater lagoon system consists of complex chemical, biological and physical processes that can produce significant problems for  owners and neighbors.

Lagoon Odors

A major advantage of an Anaerobic Wastewater Lagoon is that it is capable of decomposing organic matter using inexpensive infrastructure without significant energy input, such as aeration.  However, anaerobic wastewater lagoons have the potential to generate significant odors if not managed properly.  Objectionable odors from lagoons that are associated with hydrogen sulfide and ammonia often are disturbing to on-site workers as well as neighboring residences and businesses.

Facultative Wastewater Lagoons stabilize organic matter using both aerobic and anaerobic processes.  Facultative wastewater lagoons generate odors during spring turnover and on an ongoing basis if they are overloaded.

Aerated Wastewater Lagoons require aeration to treat wastewater.  Aerated lagoons generate lagoon odors when the dissolved oxygen levels in the lagoon are not sufficient to meet the demand of the organic load in the wastewater.

When odors are generated at anaerobic, facultative or aerated wastewater lagoons, odor control can become a challenging, costly and maintenance heavy process. In some cases odor complaints can be so severe that regulatory authorities become involved, impacting business operations through fines and/or operation restrictions.

See how Bell Foods Inc overcame a troubling odor in their wastewater lagoons.



Sludge/Biosolids build up occurs in many anaerobic and facultative wastewater lagoons.  This reduces the treatment effectiveness of the wastewater lagoon and eventually causes increases in ammonia, BOD, COD and TSS in effluent concentrations.  The conventional method for solving this problem is to dredge the wastewater lagoon on a regular basis.  Dredging is laborious and costly process that is highly disruptive in terms of periodic loss of wastewater lagoon function and generation of significant odors.  Dredging also generates significant volumes of sludge/biosolids that is costly to dewater, transport and dispose of.

Dissolved Oxygen Levels

When facultative and aerated wastewater lagoons are overloaded they typically generate odor because dissolved oxygen levels are too low.  The conventional solution to this problem is to attempt to deliver more oxygen to the wastewater, which is costly in terms of energy and infrastructure.

A Highly Effective, Proven and Affordable Solution For Lagoon Odor and Sludge/Biosolids Accumulation

There is an alternative to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for dredging operations, odor control measures (that don’t really work) and increased aeration.  The solution allows you to naturally eliminate odors and sludge at a much lower cost with no disruption to business operations, while increasing the treatment capacity of your anaerobic facultative and/or aerated wastewater lagoons. BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a natural product that consists of proprietary plant-based organic micronutrients that stimulate specific aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria species causing competitive inhibition of sulphur reducing and other odor producing bacteria.  The active ingredients within BIOLOGIC® SR2 allow methane (methane is odorless) and carbon dioxide producing bacteria  to outcompete hydrogen sulfide producers for available carbon.   This prevents odors by limiting the generation of hydrogen sulfide and other odorous mercaptains.  In addition, the ingredients in the product have been shown to block the activity of the enzyme urease, which is a necessary component of the ammonia conversion process. The blockage of the urease enzyme prevents urea in the waste from being converted to volatile ammonia.

When you use BIOLOGIC® SR2 in your wastewater lagoon at very low concentrations, odor will be reduced in a matter of days and you will observe a signficant reduction in the thickness of the bottom sludge/biosolids layer over time.  In addition, in a short period of time, any crust, biosolids or fats and grease that is floating on the surface of your wastewater lagoon will be reduced and eventually eliminated.  Noticeble fine bubbling that looks like raindrops will be observed on the surface of the wastewater lagoon (indicative of biosolids digestion) and the clarity of the water and effluent will be significantly improved. The dissolved oxygen content in your facultative and/or aerated lagoons will increase and the overall organic load capacity of your lagoon systems will also increase.

Please check out these testimonials to see how BIOLOGIC® SR2 has improved other wastewater lagoon treatment systems.

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BIOLOGIC SR2® Case Studies

Bayview – Wildwood Resort – BIOLOGIC SR2® successfully eliminates the odors and reduces the sludge dramatically.  It successfully transformed the sewage lagoon effluent  into a liquid with incredible clarity.

Department of National Defence – an absolute reduction of sludge levels and yielded an unprecedented effluent quality.

Stratford PEI Wastewater treatement – reduced blower energy consumption by 50%, eliminated the odors and plant effluent had a much lower turbidity and suspended solids levels.

Thane, India Slaughterhouse Odor Elimination – completely eliminated the rancid odors coming from the plant and shed