Odor Eliminator

Odor Elimination

Odor problems directly impact your profitability by repelling customers from your retail or commercial space, or forcing you to pay for temporary solutions that simply mask the problem or destroy your systems.

Within the span of a few hours these problems can be eliminated.  An application of BIOLOGIC® SR2 or MrGreen® Odor Removal solutions can quickly overcome these problems and get back to business.

Restaurant Odor Eliminator

There is nothing worse than odors from grease traps, sewage and garbage to turn customers away.

We have developed the perfect odor eliminator that is natural, powerful and extremely cost effective. Natural Odor Eliminator

Most odor elimination solutions attack the problem after it has permeated the restaurant. BIOLOGIC® SR2 eliminates the odor at the source! The solution is easy, fast and effective.

Farm Odor Eliminator

Farms are facing lawsuits in the tens of millions of dollars from their neighbouring communities because of unbearable odors that can travel.  SciCorp has worked with hog farms, poultry farms, fruit farms and various agricultural facilities to help reduce and eliminate their nasty odor issues.

Applications are easy and costs are minimal.  Contact us to find out how we can solve your odor issues.