Onsite Wastewater Odor

Onsite Wastewater Odor and Performance

Wastewater odor control and performance issues are major concerns when communities are seeking effective wastewater treatment solutions. We help the engineers that design and build these onsite wastewater odor control treatment solutions by supplying BIOLOGIC® SR2 to help rid the systems of odors and make their systems work better, faster and more efficiently.

The Need for Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Water has become one of earth’s greatest challenges.  As more countries grapple with the issues of population growth and the inadequate or nonexistent infrastructure, it’s becoming clear that the traditional solutions are failing.  What is working though is decentralized water management with wastewater odor management and performance tools.

Decentralized wastewater systems support growing populations and are not only a great solution for improving water quality and providing treatment capacity, they are environmentally superior on many levels.  Often decentralized systems are used to enhance existing centralized systems as a means of supporting infrastructure overload and supporting a strong water reuse program.  However, because these systems are often located adjacent to residential properties, effective wastewater odor control at these facilities becomes critical in order to gain community acceptance for these facilities.

In an article written by Victor D’Amato, Jeff Moeller, and Elizabeth Striano called Rethinking Decentralized Systems and published in the Water Environment and Technology Magazine, the authors state, “just as the economic and environmental demands associated with an aging national water infrastructure system have grown, it has become apparent that decentralized systems also need to be properly managed as critical wastewater assets over the long term. Additionally, a number of leading practitioners have recognized that decentralization will be a critical element of more sustainable, paradigm-shifting urban and suburban water infrastructure systems of the future because of their various “triplebottom-line” economic, environmental, and social benefits.”

Onsite Wastewater Odor Solutions

The solution we provide communities using onsite wastewater systems requires no special handling and very limited, if any capital costs.  BIOLOGIC® SR2 is added to the in‑flow to the system, or it can be surface applied when needed, in dosages recommended by one of our application specialists.  Wastewater odor does not have to be a problem, especially when the solution also enhances performance.

It’s Easier To Get a Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System

The technical sophistication and costs associated with conventional decentralized wastewater systems can be too much for many small and medium enterprises and housing estates.  These conventional systems often require high energy inputs for operation and rely on extensive maintenance services to ensure continuous operation.  However, solutions exist that both minimize the costs, eliminate the energy needs and reduce the maintenance requirements so decentralized wastewater treatment systems are now a better solution.

Our engineers specialize in designing and building economical, powerful and ecofriendly decentralized wastewater treatment systems. By incorporating BIOLOGIC® SR2, these systems not only breakdown solids faster and cleaner, they eliminate the need for energy usage and heavy maintenance.