Sludge Reduction

Reduce Sludge and Save Money in WWTP

Wastewater treatment facilities are challenged with high and fluctuating costs related to energy usage, sludge accumulation and timing.  When a facility is under pressure from rising demand and aging infrastructure, problems escalate.  Given the environmental and human impact from these escalating problems, Wastewater Treatment facilities are under pressure to find solutions fast while dealing with limited budgets. We have the solution that is not only low cost, but is immediately effective.

BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a concentrated liquid product containing natural micronutrients designed to accelerate biological activity, growth and metabolism of the aerobic, facultative and anaerobic bacteria at all types of wastewater treatment plants.

Odor elimination in Landfill sites

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BIOLOGIC® has proven to:

  • Reduce aeration energy costs
  • Stop Odors and Related Complaints
  • Improve Stability of Solids
  • Reduce Sludge and Biosolids Volumes

Contact us to find out how we can dramatically improve the performance and eliminate problems in your plant.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Case Study


Increased organic loadings to a wastewater treatment plant required that the municipality consider capital improvements to increase plant capacity and satisfy effluent quality standards

Plant Details

A conventional municipal sewage treatment plant (capacity of 1000 m3/day) with sewage lift station control.

SciCorp Solution

BIOLOGIC® SR2 Solution was introduced to the main, upgradient pumping station of the Wastewater Treatment Plant at a dosage rate if 4 liters per day (4 ppm) for a one month period. The trial program was completed to assess the effectiveness of BIOLOGIC® SR2 at improving plant performance, increasing capacity and deferring capital expenditures and improve sludge reduction. Sludge odor control and sludge reduction needs to be achieved to manage wastewater odor control. Providing a sludge odor control solution often solves the majority of issues that communities face in relation to odor control.


1. The addition of BIOLOGIC® SR2 caused an immediate increase in the indigenous Facultative Anaerobe population within the plant influent, resulting in an immediate improvement in plant productivity due to the reduced sludge.

2. Influent quality (from the pumping station) improved steadily in the one month dosing period, continuing throughout the following month.

3. The detected influent waste water quality improvement at the end of the two month monitoring period consisted of:

  • 56% reduction in Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • 38% reduction in Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • 33% reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • 53% reduction in Ammonia (NH3N)

The improved nutrient conditions within the plant resulted in an immediate reduction and almost complete elimination of odors throughout the one month dosing period