Pumping is now functioning as if it was brand new

The septic booster has significantly improved the capacity and speed at which the septic beds are able to absorb the waste water. Septic beds that required monthly pumping are now functioning as if they were brand new”….. “Our experience is that the septic booster has completely regenerated our old septic beds and we are expecting to get several more years life out of our septic beds as a result of using the Mr. Green Septic Booster product.

Denis Martinek

President, Tyrolean Village Resorts Ltd.

Septic Booster has been eliminated

We have used MrGreen Septic Booster in our campground for over 5 years and notice that the system has worked flawlessly. Solids & greases seem to break down much quicker using this product and problems we had before using Septic Booster have been eliminated.

Kootenay Campsites B.C.

To sum it all up I think it is a great product

My name is Steve Gallop, I have worked in the hog industry in Manitoba for 19 years. More to the point I have worked in the nutrient management side, moving up to 150 million gallons/year. That is emptying a lot of lagoons from a 1-1/2 million gallon lagoon up to 15 million gallon lagoons. In the course of 19 years I have probably tested out 5 different products a year for the past 19 years. It was always people saying their product would get rid of the odor, the solids and either the phosphorus or nitrogen.

When I was asked to test “SR2”, we decided to put it in one of our oldest and worst lagoons for solids. Even though we applied it late in the year than we should have and it was a colder than normal year after just 6 weeks of being in the Primary cell, when we emptied the lagoon there was an amazing difference. The set amount from hog manure that is usually like cement after many years of sitting in a lagoon, there were now huge craters, some were 6 feet across and up to 2 feet deep. It was estimated at the time that 1 application of SR2 probably recovered up to 250,000 gallons of storage out of a 1.2 million gallon primary cell.

At the time, other than being shocked that we finally found a product that seemed to do what it said, they asked me if it eliminated or lessened the odor. I told them I was unable to tell at the time, being outside, fall and working at the barn where fresh manure is coming in. But since then I have done my own tests on smaller amounts of manure in a confined area and I can say after several days, it does an amazing job at reducing odor and hog manure.

To sum it all up I think it is a great product and one of a very few that seems to do what it says.

Steve Gallop

Chatham Kent Hog Farm