Who We are


Managing Member

Eddy Gandy attended Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas majoring in Business Administration and a minor in the new age of mainframes, Computer Science. After an additional two years of engineering studies, Eddy became proficient in pneumatically conveying dry bulk solids in many industries across the nation including agriculture, paper, timber, municipal waste reclamation, municipal waste water, textiles, rubbish and soiled linen pneumatic transfer systems in 700+ beds hospital complexes spanning multiple city blocks.  

Eddy Gandy is currently the sole owner and operator of Capital Fabrication in Pflugerville, TX which exclusively manufactures for numerous engineering companies across America.   He is a principle owner of PB Equipment and GH Systems also located in the Austin, Texas metro area where both companies operate specific to the engineering and manufacturing of WWTP’s. 

Mr. Gandy’s equipment design history includes process equipment unique to metal fabrication, bulk material drying systems in plants requiring up to 120,000 BTU, material/air separators with integrated air locks combined into the rotary drum eliminating conventional air locks.  Automated processes to dispose of all rubbish and silverware from the food carts deplaned at large international airports, many automated rubbish collection systems integrating multiple city blocks of high-rise condominiums servicing thousands of people per system in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul, South Korea.  Other manufacturing clients include Caterpillar and subsidiaries of Trinity Industries related to high pressure transport vessels.   Capital Fabrication has provided air handling systems for all  four University of Texas Medical Hospitals as well as the major military hospitals across the USA. 

Other US Government projects include a classified document disposal system pertaining to the weapons micro chip plant complex developed for the National Security Agency in Merrell, Maryland.  Other qualifications include IAQ studies to include the evacuation of toxic fumes in the microchip wafer board industry to the containment of explosive dust environments. 


Director Technical Services

Ray has held a variety of senior executive positions since 1992, his consultative managerial style, amicable personality and technical competence is complemented with a diverse array of scientific, engineering, project management, auditing and economic skills. These hard earned skills are gained from over 40 years of experience in the Water & Environment sectors, with the last 30 years managing and mentoring the next generation of champions. With a strong focus on Water, Wastewater, the Environment and Sustainability acquired from working in the Chemical Industry, Water Boards, Manufacturing and the Consulting Sector enables Ray to provide strategic, innovative, specifically tailored and practical solutions to water quality and environmental issues. This includes a proficiency in all aspects of regulatory requirements for Environmental Management and Integrated Water Cycle Management

Ray has demonstrated on numerous occasions his ability to be strategic and innovative using high or low tech solutions for water treatment and environmental management. His 40 years of hands on experience was in the management of water and environmental matters from strategy and policy preparation through to operations and compliance.



Since graduating from California State University in 1971 Mark has been building and managing businesses for himself and others with a focus on manufacturing/outsourcing and business development/consulting. His experience covers a wide range of industries/products/markets at consumer/commercial/industrial levels. These career highlights encompassed years of living and running operations in the U.S., Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma and Philippines as well as working, producing and importing from across Asia and Western Europe. His project management experience is extensive including a major asbestos litigation project at the Subic Bay Naval Shipyard and a large scale portable saw mill operation in Burma.

Mark’s experience in business modeling positions him well for starting-up and building new enterprises that need structure, organization and management to get revenue streams moving in the right direction.

Mark’s management experience includes companies with hundreds of staff in facilities he has designed and constructed as well as virtual teams of home-based workers. He is additionally well versed at dealing and complying with foreign government regulations and requirements.

The past 8 years Mark has been focused on business development and management in the wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy sectors involving bio-stimulants, anaerobic digesters, gasifiers, and MSW/landfill applications.